Made in Britain

Made in BritainAll of our ring pessaries are latex-free, non-sterile and manufactured and packed in the UK under a controlled environment.

We offer two distinct ranges of pessaries; Soft Flexible PVC pressaries with a wall thickness of 12.5mm and Rigid Polythene pessaries with a wall thickness of 7.5mm. Starter kits are also available for the former.

For fitting information please see our Fitting Pessaries guide.

Soft Flexible PVC Pessaries

Portia vaginal ring pessaries are used in the treatment of utero-vaginal prolapse and must be fitted by a trained medical practitioner. PVC pessaries are soft and flexible for maximum comfort during insertion. Sixteen sizes are available, to ensure a correct fit for each patient.

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Rigid Polythene Pessaries

We make an alternative pessary ring in polythene. This has a more rigid structure and suits some patients better than the PVC pessary, particularly if the patient suffers from PVC intolerance. Fifteen sizes are available in this material.

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Sizing Guide

The Sizing Guide is an invaluable tool that has been designed, with the help of experienced Urogynaecology Nurses, to support medical professionals in the sizing and fitting of Portia Vaginal Ring Pessaries.

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